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Vote For Better City Governance

Hi Nigel Simpson here,

If you know of any voters who remain uncertain but want to vote, please pass this email on to them. My experience, knowledge and capability to be Mayor is set out in the “Information & Candidates Profiles” booklet circulated with your voting papers. Very few cities are offered the opportunity to vote for a mayoral candidate who brings the level of local and central government experience, inter-organisational and community leadership or applied academic skill to the council table. To expand, my apprenticeship was thirty years being the principal advisor and subject matter expert to and working directly with Mayors, Councillors and CEO’s across fifteen separate councils, while simultaneously co-ordinating the governance of up to thirteen multi-jurisdictional groupings (which represented up to eighty organisations) and included being directly responsible for the governance advice and secretariate of joint Mayoral and CEO Groups. In direct parallel to corporate governance my role was to set strategy and engage other organisations to commit their staff and capacity to achieve agreed objectives at no cost to ratepayers. Which is like what a Mayor and Council do when setting the Long-Term-Plan for the CEO at ratepayer’s expense. Because I contributed to drafting local government Asset Management Plans, Activity Plans, District Plans, Budgets, Annual Plans and Long-Term-Plans I understand the key instruments and process and because my previous roles required me to have a full understanding of the capability and capacity of local governments, I understand how to effect efficiency and effectiveness. In all my local government experiences, I have never witnessed a Mayor and Councillors behave and operate the way they have in the last three years. I am standing to be Mayor because change is needed and I’m capable, skilled, have comparable experience and have recent academic qualification (MBA - governance, leadership & strategy) suitable for the role.

Please encourage dissatisfied residents to vote. I have received over whelming verbal endorsement from residents, and if that’s all it took, I’d be happy, but sentiment alone does not win on election day. Actual votes for me to be Mayor, will win the election, and I need your help again to spread the word. - Please share this e-mail with your email contacts in Napier, and - If you’re on Facebook please search for ‘Simpson for Napier’, ‘like’ and ‘share’ any of my posts. Just a few days left to vote – so it’s likely that only the undecided and disillusioned voters are yet to cast their vote. If you get the opportunity remind them, if they want the Council to change, their vote will make a difference. If you know anyone suggesting they haven’t received their voting papers yet, firstly get them to check their letterbox (I was delivering flyers last Friday and there are still voting papers in letter boxes a fortnight after they were delivered), if they simply haven’t arrived encourage them to go to the Council Service Centre on Hastings Street to cast a special vote. Apathy advantages the incumbent; low voter turnout generally means a return to office. The latest indications are voting is 20% down on last time at the same time with 4.5 days to go. To make sure votes count (don’t post them) drop the completed papers into the big orange Ballot bin at one of these locations: · Pakn’Save - Munroe St · Te Kupenga Hauora Ahuriri · EIT Maraenui Campus · EIT Taradale Campus · Pakn’Save - Tamatea · Mitre 10 Mega · MTG Library · Taradale Library - Napier City Council Customer Services Campaigning is almost over, hoardings, advertising, flyers and public speaking engagements come to an end this week and we’ll know the result on Saturday.

Facebook - yesterday I posted on Facebook using ‘if you’re unhappy and you know it, vote for change’ let’s see if taking a whimsical approach achieves some reach? Additional posts will follow, keep an eye out and please like and share. Website - I will continue to add content to the website, posting the answers to questions asked and sharing my thoughts on what I’d do if I were Mayor. The website isn’t getting the visitor levels we had thought but that may be because other methods of distributing information have provided enough information. The last few weeks have been interesting. I’m always one to learn new tricks to grow professionally or add a new skill to the list, I’ve learnt to manage a Facebook or Meta business account, build and populate a website, stand on the streets of Napier and be available to answer questions or just discuss. I’ve also answered many email enquiries everyone subtly different but all seeking confirmation that I’m equipped to be Mayor. If you know of any voters who remain uncertain but want to vote, please pass this email on to them.

Our campaign - is not over until 12 noon on Saturday the mission now - find, like and share my facebook posts encourage the reluctant voters to vote for change, don’t let them say what’s the point, let them know you believe I’ll make a better Mayor and advocate for Napier

Napier, if you care you’ll vote to change the Mayor.

Not receiving these emails directly? Use the ‘update your preferences’ link below, complete the form and I’ll add you to the distribution list ;)

If you missed my previous media releases, here’s a link

Regards and thank you for your time Nigel Simpson MBA MInstD MAYORAL Candidate Napier election 2022 027 467 7661 This message was authorised by Nigel Simpson, Taradale, Napier 4138. Contact

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