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Surprise, there will be an election in October! Media Release #2 -

Surprise, there will be an election in October! Media Release #2 - 15 July 2022

Napier Mayoral candidate, Nigel Simpson, encourages nominations for ward seats. Democracy is all about representation and the best way to have your opinion and your suburbs needs met is to actually have a seat at the table. ‘It’s time to put apathy aside and take action’ he said, going on to add ‘don’t leave it up to people that don’t live in your area to talk on your behalf’. Look at the success in Flaxmere with Henare O'Keefe and Peleti Oli working for their community, this could be replicated in Napier.

The Electoral Commission’s distribution of enrolment forms may have been the first indication for some residents that there is an election this year. In October Local Government elections take place with residents having the opportunity to elect a Mayor and Council. With the election fast approaching and some hoardings already up it’s not too late. Candidate nominations don’t close until 12 August so there’s still plenty of time to get nominated and run a campaign.

Nigel Simpson, Mayoral candidate and City Councillor says ‘the coming election is the opportunity of a lifetime for new Councillors. The proposed reforms of local government present a fantastic opportunity for visionary residents to occupy the seats that will shape the role and direction of Napier City Council into the future.’

Residents that are unhappy with progress on key issues or the lack of delivery of previous promises have an opportunity to be nominated and stand for election. Rather than sit on the side-line, step up and be counted.

Simpson, an advocate for ward electorates, says ‘it would be fantastic for our city if candidates from every suburb were standing for their ward. Representation is key and the best representatives for an area are the people that live in that area’.

‘As the only rural Councillor and a Taradale resident I bring a different view of the city to the table and It would be fantastic if residents in Bay View, or Maraenui or Meeanee were actually elected and at the table too’ he said.

Every three years residents get the opportunity to confirm their view on whether their Council has achieved the expected or promised outcomes. If there is low satisfaction but only the same people are nominated nothing will change. For change to happen new candidates need to step up, complete a nomination form before 12 August and start door knocking. If you have an interest in your community, perhaps you have been on a school board of trustees or a sports club committee that could be your platform and the pathway to a seat at the council table.

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I'll say it as I see it, your view may differ and that is ok, so lets be respectful throughout this process.

So lets be nice about it.

Regards and best wishes

Nigel Simpson , Candidate for Mayor Napier City Council Elections 2022

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