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Napier City Council resignations a sign of trouble

July 27, 2022 - Media release

A run of resignations by senior managers from Napier City Council confirms the council has a serious culture and leadership issue, says councillor Nigel Simpson.

In the last six months, three out of six Executive Leadership Team members have resigned and a third moved sideways, later resigning. That leaves just two experienced executive managers from a team of six.

Councillor Simpson is standing for the Napier mayoralty in the upcoming Council elections, citing a lack of leadership and effective decision-making.

“It is appalling that the mayor is continually agreeing to tens of millions of dollars of unbudgeted items and activities – 14 added to the to-do list just 12 months out from the adoption of the Long Term Plan - while flip-flopping on projects that were supposed to proceed. It makes the job of the chief executive and senior managers almost impossible.

“If new projects have to be introduced – and I’m not convinced all of these had to be – the mayor should work with councillors and the Leadership Team on where to reduce spending to make financial room for them.

“Council’s role is to be strategically focused, planning many years ahead, not screw with budgets and priorities on a day-to-day basis. In order for the Leadership Team to be effective, they have to know which way they are going and when.”

Councillor Simpson said major issues that had been paralysed by indecision and lack of progress over the past three years included the war memorial, city library, pensioner housing and siting of a new public pool.

“We really need to get a handle on this or we are going nowhere fast or, worse than that, we’re going backwards. Napier City Council cannot just keep raising rates like they’re spending someone else’s money. Fiscal responsibility is needed at the Council table.”


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I'll say it as I see it, your view may differ and that is ok, so lets be respectful throughout this process.

So lets be nice about it.

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Nigel Simpson , Candidate for Mayor Napier City Council Elections 2022

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