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Democracy, we all crave it

Democracy, we all crave it, some use their democratic right to vote, some just complain, others abuse it.

You elect twelve City Councillors with the expectation that each will have an equal say at the Council table, each will be informed equally, and each will put Napier first. You’d expect all Councillors would be informed about significant issues quickly? Remember the adage ‘information is power’.

Democracy is great when it works as designed, with well-meaning people elected to roles with their intention of serving the best interests of their community. The masses love democracy, it provides opportunity for them to delegate responsibilities to others while retaining the ability to complain when it suits them.

The Achilles heel of democracy is apathy and public disinterest.

Bearing in mind that Councils are regularly one of the largest employers and contract out a considerable component of work and cashflow into the local economy. If it was a publicly listed company and you were a shareholder, would you want any numpty on the Board running that company with a $100,000,000 (yep that’s $100 Million) annual turnover and $1,000,000,000 ($1 Billion) worth of assets? Yet very few voters probably consider that aspect of the election and treat the election as a popularity contest, voting for who they ‘like’ the most as opposed to who will contribute the most around the table.

That is of course if there are genuine discussions or debate at the table!

You elect twelve City Councillors with the expectation that each will have an equal say at the Council table, each will be informed equally, and each will represent their constituents’ views but above all else each will put Napier ahead of ward or individual expectation.

You’d expect that all Councillors would be informed about discussions with third parties or opportunities being presented to Council or significant issues at the same time, or quickly thereafter? Remember the adage ‘information is power’ some civic leaders still play this game. If I were Mayor, I’d be more open and transparent with my Councillors operating a high trust model of information sharing to insure informed discussions occur, broader perspectives are explored and decisions are understood.

In a democracy we don't always have to agree but we have a responsibility to ensure all views are heard!

I'll say it as I see it, your view may differ and that is ok, so lets be respectful throughout this process.

So lets be nice about it.

Regards and best wishes

Nigel Simpson , Candidate for Mayor Napier City Council Elections 2022

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