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3 Minute Speach to Taradale Residents, Taradale ward election - 12 Aug 22 TRA

Good evening,

for those of you who don’t know me, I am Nigel Simpson, I am Currently one of Your Taradale Ward Councillors.

And the answer to the most commonly asked question is ….. Google me …….. if you want to know more about me or find my mayoral campaign facebook page or website which is .

I have had 40 years involvement in Local Government, from volunteer to Manager to Councillor and I have enjoyed being your public servant, and I seek your endorsement and re-election as a Taradale ward councillor.

I have read what has been made available, researched further options, attended as many workshops and meetings as I could, talked to many of you to ensure that I am fully informed and best positioned to make decisions on your behalf.

It’s been time consuming, but it’s been a pleasure.

And if you are willing, I’m prepared to do it all over again for another term.

So please vote for me.

I’m pleased with my contribution to Taradale, the Rotary shelter and tables in Taradale Park, the Rotary Pathways trust gaining approval to extend Maggies way up to Otratra Hights and the safety improvements in Symons lane. I continue to push for a master plan to be completed to guide the future development of Taradale.

I have a proven record in developing and implementing strategy, sitting in ghazi governance roles guiding others to implement what I was employed to achieve, and I firmly believe your city council needs to do a better job in governance.

My involvement across 15 local and regional councils watching and contributing at the governance level has informed me on the best ways for local councils to operate and achieve great things in the most expedient ways.

As a City Councillor I haven’t witnessed best practice governance over the last three years, if re-elected I will hold others to account and expect that your council stops the stagnation and concentrates on strategy and the future of Napier.

My time in local government from the 80’s into the 2000’s was punctuated by successive national reviews through which I was required to lead change programmes.

Central Government is proposing significant change for local Government, I have the skills and experience to change what has been going on in Napier City Council governance and shape a new organisation that will be fit for purpose.

When I moved into private enterprise, I completed a Master of Business Administration reinforcing my applied skills across Corporate Governance, Leadership, Strategy, Finance, Change, performance, and Human resource management and Tourism operations.

I am standing in both the Ward and Mayoral election

If you want me to remain on Council the best way for that to happen is to vote for Nigel Simpson for Councillor and for Mayor.

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