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2 Minute Speach to Parklands Residents Meeting - 14 Aug 22 PRA

I am Nigel Simpson, a first term city councillor seeking re-election for Taradale Ward and for Mayor

I know local government inside out and understand the need for your Council to get things done efficiently and effectively. As well as being a strong advocate for you at the central government table on matters like Law & Order & Justice, improved Health Services, Educational and community development opportunities, and services that contribute to community well-beings all of which your current council are silent on!

I have 30 years’ Local Government Management experience, working with 15 separate councils I have see and contributed to well-functioning councils and in my view your current council and civic leadership are operating well below the standards I have witnessed elsewhere.

All of my time in Local Government my responsibilities included working directly with CEO’s Mayors, Councillors, regional managers of national organisations and Ministers of the crown

My First and last role included responsibility for facilitating Governance of Joint Committees of Mayors and CEOs and a number of multidisciplinary practitioner groups.

My responsibilities have included managing large complex but agile structures incorporating 80 + organisations and several hundred staff involving volunteers, NonGovtOrg’s & Gov’t departments

More recently I completed a Master of Business Administration majoring in Governance leadership and strategy among other useful subjects.

I think its atrocious that the Mayor hasn’t kept her promise to build a new War Memorial and the Mayor and councillors that made the false promise to remove chlorine are largely the same people that voted for the Tamatea Drive social housing development. Its time for change Vote Nigel Simpson to be Mayor

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