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ran for Mayor of Napier Oct 2022

Why did I run?

Rates - To control rates increases, your Council needs to take responsibility, there should not be any unbudgeted items

Progress - To get things done, we want a city that is moving forward, lets stop the paralysis, vote decision makers on to Council  

Culture - To build a positive cohesive Council & Management team, with an enabling workforce, working with our community

How can you get to know me: 

Google me, or watch the video at the link below

Local Focus asked me some really pertinent questions (after getting my star sign out of the way!)

click here to watch the video

Still want to know more: visit my facebook page: Simpson for Napier.

Latest website updates

Local Body Elections were conducted on 8 October 2022

Update #12 - How to get to know me & local voting bins 

Update #11 - Issues Page Q&A list added

Update #10 - Issues Page content added

Update # 9 - Blogs, copies of my most recent email sent to subscribers 

Update # 8 - Issues page - creation of a Q&A section answering FAQ's

Update # 7 - Transparency, I've added a paragraph on Councillor                                       meeting and workshop attendance 

Update # 6 - Ahuriri Estuary, Pandora Pond & Proposed Regional Park 

Update # 5 - Transparency a lack of consultation & LGOIMAs by CEO!

Update # 4 - 3waters - I provide some detail 

Update # 3 - Where & how to meet me section has been added

Update # 2 - list of unbudgeted items has been added to the Issues page 

Update # 1 - Events added

No upcoming events at the moment

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On 22 June 2022, I announced my candidacy for the Mayor of Napier in the 2022 Local Body Elections 

to read my full announcement, click here 

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