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3 Minute Speach to Taradale Residents, Mayoral Election - 12 Aug 22 TRA

Good evening,

I am still Nigel Simpson, and I am running for Mayor.

If I were Mayor now – there wouldn’t be 14 significant unbudgeted items which include pet projects that have no business case, no budget and no management plan less than 1 year after the Long term plan was approved

As Mayor - I will control rates increases - I’ve successfully managed council budgets before I can do it again

As Mayor – Council will get things done efficiently and effectively. Progress and announcements won’t be scheduled for election campaigns they will be to celebrate achievements done in the most efficient and effective manner

As Mayor – I have the skills to lift elected members out of interfering in management and operations and get them focusing on strategy and the future Napier

With 30 years’ experience in Local Government Management, and a master’s in business administration majoring in Governance, Leadership and Strategy, I can absolutely assure you I wouldn’t be standing for mayor unless it was absolutely necessary to augment change.

Over 3 decades, as a public servant, I have contributed personally to improving Napier but the decline I have witnessed in such a short period of time is compelling, change is needed.

I am both the most experienced and the most qualified for the Mayoral role.

I spent 30 years interpreting legislation and regulation providing advice and guidance directly to CEO’s Mayors and Councillors developing policy, strategy and delivery programmes.

I worked with a wide range of individuals and organisations successfully getting them to work together for the greater good of Napier. I will do this again as Mayor.

To manage council set objectives I have written long-term-plans, asset management plans, developed budgets and delivered projects. I know these plans and processes inside out.

I Know the inner workings of Councils and their process that means, I will know how to best use the capability and capacity that council has, and based on success measures I will have confidence in Staff, I don’t need to interfere because I know how to get things done.

As Mayor I will not dismiss working parties or committees or undermine staff because they disagree with me, I’ll work with their and your sage advice to ensure we achieve the best outcomes for Napier. I have a proven record of working with people and getting things done.

Remember the promises made last election!

- You’ve still got chlorine in your water

- We still don’t have a war Memorial on our foreshore

- Do I even mention transparency?

If you care for Napier you’ll vote to change the mayor, you’ll vote for Nigel Simpson

Thank you

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